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We are a youth-led creative agency that produce video and photography content of social value. We focus on producing content that will Inspire, Educate and Encourage people to engage in sport, education and creative arts. We adopt a unique and creative approach by collaborating with experienced professionals and young creatives to produce our content which includes community projects, campaigns, events and learning materials.

We provide a platform for young people to showcase their creative talents by engaging them in projects and productions that enables them to have practical experiences in video production and photography whilst they are developing their careers which improves their portfolio, job prospects, experience and skills.


  • To reach young people at risk of social exclusion to enable them to articulate their experiences.
  • To enable young people to use the experience of creating media as a catalyst for change in their own lives and in their communities.
  • To harness the power and impact of digital media to create inspiring and empowering film and new media content, through a collaboration between media professionals and non-professional participants.


Our projects are designed to be youth-led to encourage young people to participate in meaningful youth social action. This approach gives young people the opportunity to do this by producing content that other young people will benefit from. This approach supports Step Up To Serve national #iwillcampaign goal to make participation in meaningful social action the norm for young people.


We re-invest our profits:

  • by providing small grant awards to support young people to enhance their development and learning experiences.
  • by hosting competitions open to community organisations that awards the winner with video/photography content produced for free.
  • by producing community video prospectuses that highlight projects and programmes that people can get involved in.


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